College Photography Work
These are some of the photographs I had to produce for my college course:

Main Advert Design

Pink Marshmallow

Carrot Cupcake

Victoria Cupcake

Mint Chocolate again

Mint Chocolate again

Red Velvet

The Pointlessness of London

Yesterday my mother, brother and I went to London to watch the BBC quizshow Pointless being filmed, don't you judge me, Pointless and Richard Osman are my weekday afternoon lifeforce.

We went down on the train, which although quicker still required me getting up at 6am which quite frankly had me question the necessity of this trip, but I was persuaded with miniature pastries and breakfast bars - 2 of my favourite things in the world.
The train journey was fine, we got one of those table seats which are always the best, we were however sat near a gaggle of some of the daftest girls I have ever come across, they thought the Wembley Stadium arch was a bridge despite it being at a ridiculous angle and then they began recanting tales of Marbella and I think I caught an STD just listening.
There was also a man that stuffed a note into a bottle and then just watched intently, we were beyond confused and mildly worried, it also took him about 5 minutes to get the letter into the bottle, I hope he was going to throw it into the Thames.

The Tube journeys were also surprisingly painless, although we didn't have to do that many change overs, which was probably the best of my mother's blood pressure, she gets so easily flustered in that sort of a situation. There were a surprising amount of dogs on the tube to, I'd be too scared to take anything smaller than I child down there, they'd probably get squished! Also so any hot guys, how is everyone in London so beautiful? FML.

So we were at the BBC recording studios by 11 and we only needed to be there for 13:05 so went to the Westfield centre for lunch, we were going to just go to Nandos but the bastards were closed, FUCK YOU DELICIOUS CHICKEN, but we instead went to a Turkish cafe/bar thing and shared 3 different wraps and OH DEAR GOD THANK YOU NANDOS FOR BEING CLOSED THEY WERE SO FREAKING TASTY, the chicken and lamb koftas were amazing, the halloumi and olive one was a bit pointless but tasty enough.

And then it was time for Pointless and this will contain spoilers.

We were taken to the studio, and everything looks so cheap when it's not on TV, literally everything is held together with duct tape and stickystuff. The warm-up guy was great and perfect for the show, and then we got to meet Richard and Alexander Armstrong. I genuinely didn't know Richard was so tall, he looks like Lurch, I was mildly terrified.
We got to watch 2 episode being recorded and the jackpot was £17,000 so yeah, it's been a baron 3 weeks for the show then so we were desperate for someone to win, however one team got fairly close and the last team, then going for £18k fucked it up in such superb style that I cannot wait to watch it on TV with Twitter.
Basically the last team who had been hoping for Biology or something similar to come up in the final lot of category got to chose between "Modern Artists" "Chemistry" and a few others, now Chemistry was practically put there for them to take and win with but no, the daughter of the team decided to go for "Modern Artists" and the task was to name people who had won the Turner Prize. The only knew Tracey Emin, who of course was the highest answer, but they chose Modern Artists because the daughter thought it was about Pop Stars - I think my facepalm may actually be audible on the episode.
It will be SPECTACULAR television.

The trip home was a little less smooth, my mum was tired and she gets so pent up about missing deadlines and things going wrong and there were a few arguments but it all worked out in the end.

Summer Please just START.
Finished the first year of college, it's a miracle I didn't kill anyone between the lack of organisation of the staff (it's not that hard to make a lesson plan) and the general ass-hattery of the students (it's not that hard to leave me the fuck alone). I was hoping for the summer holidays to be a quiet, enjoyable affair, but alas, it's all rain and stuffiness, the only time I've been out is to go to the gym, which is going well, I've gotten down to running 4km in about 30 minutes without dying, for someone with a near static lifestyle before September '11 it is a miracle. I've lost 30kgs (66 ibs) and I am proud but I still feel bloated as fuck, going for another 5-10kgs which will bring me nicely to the 60kg (130ish ibs) mark, although my family (read mother) aren't particularly happy with this, but our family has had a long and complicated history with eating disorders and I think they're just scared that this'll end like it has in the past, which I am adamant it wont.

I have also found myself on a trip to Spiderman with a guy from college and his friend and OH DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME OUT OF IT. I love the guy but I just don't want to see anyone from college for the next month or so, I'm only going because Andrew Garfield is my "thinspiration" (can I have his legs?) and Emma Stone is adorable and everything that is right with the world IDGAF.

I'm going to watch the filming of Pointless tomorrow, it's flaw free British quiz show, so I should probably be sleeping....

I'll complain about more stuff later.


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