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There Are Party Rockers In The House
My little brother is throwing a house party and they are all so loud and drunk, I feel I should be calling the police or at least deploying tear gas, I mainly live in fear of one of them coming in to my room and disturbing me, I'm on the brink of 98 Thieving, 250K xp, and if one of them fucks  this up, I will eat them.

Also I need to pee and there are a group of them camped outside the bathroom and trying to get a boy to admit that he's gay, I know right? I'm also pretty sure that they've broken several of the ornaments on the shelves outside the bathroom and if they have I may have to cut a bitch.

Also no news on a rearrangement to see Spiderman so I'll just be watching this Gif for the rest of the night:

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Oh you poor thing, I hope the house was ok :P

Andrew's cheekbones are hypnotic

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