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All Praise Zamorak!
So this evening I was doing Easy Clue Scrolls from HAMs and after getting the most annoying one in the world, I had to keep buying new things for the bloody Emote Clues, I was rewarded in Canifis with this beauty:

Granted it's the cheapest in the Zammy Set but for an evening of Treasure Trailing I think  3.8mil is worth it and more. Well I ended up selling it on the GE for 3.5 but still, my bank is looking healthier. I'm still a frugal bitch

Over the last week or so, I've gotten the 1 Armadyl Page which sold for 700K (300k more than the usual price) and an Ancient Page which was only like 150k, but I've also has elegant items and trimmed Black armour.

Thanks for reading while I brag about being Pixel Rich.

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I saw that, I'd have died if I got any piece of 3rd Age, I think the range stuff is cheapest for some reason, probably because it kind of makes you look like a deformed fish, they need to update it's look.

My brother got a pair of Ranger Boots once, I was so jealous.

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