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Prince of Thieves
This is basically the post in which I admit I still play Runescape. IDC I still love the game although I can't afford an on going membership so I just buy it when I can....

Anyway last night I got 97 Thieving:


I'm currently 800k from 98 and 2mil from 99, so hopefully I'll have 99 soon! At the moment I'm just pickpocketing HAMs or Clue Scrolls because Pyramid Plunder is getting a bit boring, I might go and kill Cockatrices for a Medium Clue though.

I also found my first Scepter the other day, it was a great moment because I wasn't even thinking of getting one and then BAM! Scepter to the face. I'm also not able to use World 64, the unofficial PP world because of people releasing Mummies in just about every room and I have a shit combat level. 94. NOOB LYFE.

I'm also thinking of changing my Character's name, I really wanted "Hollyhock" but it's taken.... :(

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Thanks, I don't think I could do fishing, although it's extremely AFK-able but I don't think I like that, it's just dull and there are so many Bots, it just gets depressing, but I'm sure you got fair amount of money even if you did only get halfway!

And they really do need a better skilling minigames, I'm hoping for a mining/smithing one - even if it's a non profit one, I just can't be bothered with mining or buying ore, but Artisans Workshop is alright I suppose, just a bit of a money guzzler.

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