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Fashion: The Amazing Spiderman Outing


Leather Jacket: £149.99
Rollneck Neck Jumper: £280
Skinny Jeans: £190
Poste Boots: £52
Watch: £26

Total: £697.99


Anchor Print Shirt: £35
Patterned Cardigan: £350
Cropped Jeans: £45
Studded Slip On Shoes: £35
Cross Body Bag: £20
Cherry Earrings: £1.50


I tried to be slightly more reasonable with the pricings on this one, except for you know... the £350 cardigan BUT LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS! There was quite a nice demi-replica on River Island for £40. Also The men's rollneck, which I could've probably found on River Island if I had looked hard enough.

Fashion: Oh To Be At Wimbledon

Alexander MCQueen Shirt: £495
Richard James Blazer: £475
Lanvin Trousers: £270
Alexander McQueen Oxford Brogues: £370
Dunhill Leather Belt: £125 

Total: £1735

I could only dream.

Oh, Well. Umm....

Just going to leave this here.

Sometimes All You Need Is Adele

I miss him. Even after these 7 years, I miss him and I wish I could tell someone but I don't have the courage to unleash that massive can of worms.

There Are Party Rockers In The House
My little brother is throwing a house party and they are all so loud and drunk, I feel I should be calling the police or at least deploying tear gas, I mainly live in fear of one of them coming in to my room and disturbing me, I'm on the brink of 98 Thieving, 250K xp, and if one of them fucks  this up, I will eat them.

Also I need to pee and there are a group of them camped outside the bathroom and trying to get a boy to admit that he's gay, I know right? I'm also pretty sure that they've broken several of the ornaments on the shelves outside the bathroom and if they have I may have to cut a bitch.

Also no news on a rearrangement to see Spiderman so I'll just be watching this Gif for the rest of the night:

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Ugh the cinema trip to see Spiderman has been rained off, again, this rain seriously needs to GTFO and let me ogle Andrew Garfield in spandex, my brother got to see it and he really enjoyed it.

All Praise Zamorak!
So this evening I was doing Easy Clue Scrolls from HAMs and after getting the most annoying one in the world, I had to keep buying new things for the bloody Emote Clues, I was rewarded in Canifis with this beauty:

Granted it's the cheapest in the Zammy Set but for an evening of Treasure Trailing I think  3.8mil is worth it and more. Well I ended up selling it on the GE for 3.5 but still, my bank is looking healthier. I'm still a frugal bitch

Over the last week or so, I've gotten the 1 Armadyl Page which sold for 700K (300k more than the usual price) and an Ancient Page which was only like 150k, but I've also has elegant items and trimmed Black armour.

Thanks for reading while I brag about being Pixel Rich.

Now It's All In Technicolour With You
I just rediscovered this and I cannot stop listening to it, I shall be playing it all summer and beyond:

Gah, I love Paloma Faith.

Prince of Thieves
This is basically the post in which I admit I still play Runescape. IDC I still love the game although I can't afford an on going membership so I just buy it when I can....

Anyway last night I got 97 Thieving:


I'm currently 800k from 98 and 2mil from 99, so hopefully I'll have 99 soon! At the moment I'm just pickpocketing HAMs or Clue Scrolls because Pyramid Plunder is getting a bit boring, I might go and kill Cockatrices for a Medium Clue though.

I also found my first Scepter the other day, it was a great moment because I wasn't even thinking of getting one and then BAM! Scepter to the face. I'm also not able to use World 64, the unofficial PP world because of people releasing Mummies in just about every room and I have a shit combat level. 94. NOOB LYFE.

I'm also thinking of changing my Character's name, I really wanted "Hollyhock" but it's taken.... :(


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